Replacement Handle for Big Green Egg BGE - Exotic Hardwood - Salmwood

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This is a direct replacement handle for newer Large and XL Big Green Egg - BGE. This handle is made from exotic hardwood Salmwood and laser engraved. Salmwood is a hardwood from Equatorial Africa. It is extremely hard and resilient to weather and insects. You can choose from stock engravings or choose your own. The exotic hardwood should last many years longer that standard handles.

Great Christmas Gift for Dad, Husband, Friend, or Grill Master

The handle measures 9"W x 1-5/8" Tall and 1-1/2" Thick.

About Salmwood  also known as princewood, Spanish Elm, and Cordia alliodora

  • Cordia alliodora is a species of flowering tree in the borage family, Boraginaceae, that is native to the American tropics.[1] It is commonly known as Spanish elm, Ecuador laurel,[2] cypre[1] or salmwood.[1] It can reach 35 m in height.
  • Uses
  • Cordia alliodora is one of several Cordia trees called bocote in Spanish and its wood, which has very little figure, is usually called freijo or jennywood along with that of Cordia goeldiana. The wood is used for boat decking, furniture, cabinetry, guitar/bass building by luthiers, and sometimes substitutes for mahogany or teak.


* The pictures of other color handles are only to represent engraving options.