The Smoke Box Cocktail Smoker by Gene's WoodWorks

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The Smoke Box Cocktail Smoker

Make professional smoked cocktails, old fashioned, bourbon, and whisky drinks with The Smoke Box.  The Smoke Box is hand made from cherry hardwood.  The Smoke Box features an easy close lid, wood chip basket, and premium disk filter.  Using The Smoke Box to create a bartender quality smoked cocktail is easy.  Simply add a pinch of chips to the chip basket, light with a kitchen torch (not included), and sit back and enjoy your smoke infused cocktail.


The Smoke Box includes:

  • Smoke Box
  • Chip Basket
  • Round Disk Filter
  • 1 tin of cherry chips


  1. Place The Smoke Box on top of your glass. You can smoke an empty glass, glass with ice, or an already mixed drink based on your preference and taste.
  2. Make sure the round disk filter is pressed into the bottom of the chip basket.
  3. Place a small pinch of wood chips in the chip basket.
  4. Using a kitchen torch (not included) apply a flame to the wood chips for 10-15 seconds.
  5. Smoke will begin filling the glass.
  6. Once the flame on the chips burns out and begins to smolder, slide the lid of The Smoke Box closed.
  7. Leave The Smoke Box on the glass to allow the smoke to infuse the glass and/or cocktail.
  8. The amount of time will vary depending on your own individual preference.

Wood Chip Flavor:

Cherry has a mild sweet fruity flavor